Going Dutch with the DSE

Having just returned from Holland after 8 gigs in 12 days with the Dire Straits Experience, I feel compelled to let everyone know what a great band they are. With Chris White on Sax and Chris Whitten on drums, both original members of Mark Knopfler’s epic band, this is far more than just a ‘tribute’ act. Terence Reis, lead singer and guitarist sounds uncannily close to the great man himself whilst showing his considerable stamina in keeping the audience enthralled for 2 and a quarter hours of solid music. Nearly all the shows were sold out. The audiences were enthusiastic and, as far as age ranges go, very varied. Amazing to see so many younger people into a band that has been around for many years. A special shout out for the amazing crew too. A great experience and one i sincerely hope will happen again.