After many years performing, I’m really enjoying a return to one of my first passions, teaching. With a growing number of private students, it’s a pleasure working with them and helping them to further their musical aspirations.

My approach to music education might best described as ‘holistic’ – I believe that understanding music as a ‘whole’ is paramount.  Maybe you need more than just piano lessons. Perhaps you want to understand more about chords, harmony and improvisation.  Do you want to know how to get the best out of your keyboard or have you ever wondered if your computer can help you achieve your musical goals.  Maybe it’s time to get in touch with that ‘inner' song-writer ?

John teaching students and teachers in Asia

Having acquired an LRAM teaching diploma and Bachelor of Music degree from the Royal Academy of Music and having 25 years experience working with music technology and even longer working as a professional musician, I’m sure I can help you with your musical goals.