Educational Resources

After lecturing and sharing my experiences with students, I’ve learnt that, whilst music colleges do an excellent job of equipping students with many of the skills required for entering the industry, there are areas sometimes unintentionally neglected that need to be looked at and understood.  The ‘unsaid’ stuff that professional musicians take for granted. You’ll find information, advice, tips and articles that can be downloaded and printed in the teaching resources section which I’ll be adding to on a regular basis. There’s even going to be interviews with musician friends of mine giving you the benefits of their experience. It’s a resource freely available to students of music. I hope you’ll find it useful.



Downloadable Resources

In order to view these you will need a copy of Adobe Reader which you can download from the following link

Here's the first of a series of articles I'm intending to upload on becoming a musician. I'm hoping you'll find the information helpful and informative. Do drop me a line if there's anything specific you'd like to know more about.

The first article introduces the series. 'Before Going Any Further ...'

The next article talks a little about .....'The People Behind a Professional Gig You Should Know About". ..... From the artists, the tour manager through to the fixers and the crew. These are the people you need to be aware of.

Audio Files

Interview with Barry Cook

Barry is an established drummer who has been on the scene for many years. In addition to performing he has many private students. In this interview he talks about the challenges in his career he has faced, using electronic percussion and has some important tips for touring.  You can find out more about him at his website -

Interview with Jon Shennoy

Sax player, Jon Shennoy discusses his passion for Jazz including practicing, finding gigs for his band and even securing Arts Council funding. He also talks about the hard realities of making a living in order to pursue his musical dreams. For more information about Jon, visit his website -