Whilst piano is my first instrument, I’ve always loved to compose and arrange music.  My earliest experience of Big Band writing was for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. At the Royal Academy of Music, I studied composition and arranging including the Berklee Jazz method. Within a year of leaving the Academy I was working for a central London Jingle company as an in-house composer.

Since those early days, I’ve relished the challenges and opportunities afforded to me. I’ve done arrangements for UK Jazz singers including Tina May and Jacqui Hicks and for BBC Radio Big Band.

In July 2016 one of my orchestral arrangements was played by the Hallé at a Orchestral Latin Fiesta evening

My link with Roland has also allowed me to explore other compositional directions having written many built-in demo songs for the instruments. To hear examples of my music, please follow the ‘Soundcloud’ link.


There’s also music scores to accompany many of these piano pieces I’ve written which you’ll find on ‘Scoreexchange’.