Understanding Gear

Do you want to understand more about the keyboard you have ? Are you wondering if it’s possible to record music using your computer ? Are you a budding composer and want to create some sheet music. All of this and more I can help you with. And if I can’t, I’m sure I’ll know someone who can. Like everything there are fundamentals to learn and understand, but once you’ve grasped the concepts, the rest is easy (…..or at least, easier) . I’ve spent many years lecturing to students and teachers about music technology so I’m no stranger to helping technophobes overcome their fears.


Preferred Computer Applications 

Like many musicians, I’m an Apple Mac fan and choose Logic Pro as my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Apple Macs also come with Garage band, a free application so it’s a great start for learning to record yourself. But if you have other recording software in mind, let’s talk. The principles are usual the same, its just a question of understanding the jargon

For creating my band charts, I use Sibelius notation software, another favourite amongst professional musicians. Again there are other options for ‘entry’ and professional level’ users.