The ‘Invasion’ Will Have To Wait !

A few days ago I received the very sad news that this year’s 80s Invasion tour would be cancelled. This promised to be one of the best lineups of 80s artists that I’ve worked with.  Eight UK shows had been planned with artists including Jason Donovan,  5-Star and Sister Sledge. 

It has however been a very difficult year for many tours with the undeniable uncertainty of Brexit and what it might entail. This impact is very clearly affecting the live music industry and no doubt played a big part in the promoter’s eventual decision to cancel. This is indeed the first time I’ve directly felt such an impact.

There are plans to possibly try again next year but for now it’s time to look forward to a more settled music industry and hope that whatever the outcome of our politicians efforts, the consequences aren’t too far reaching on ours and other businesses .