Nashville Comes To Liverpool

On the 13th July I had a very enjoyable diversion from the usual kind of gigs I do. I was working alongside the Liverpool Philharmonic in a ‘Nashville Classics’ concert with full orchestra and rhythm section. The show was the brainchild of pianist/arranger/conductor Kennedy Aitchison and Annie Skates, singer and vocal arranger. Also featuring on vocals, Zoe Nicholas, Stephen Weller and Lance Ellington (BBC Strictly band singer). One particular highlight  was working with Sarah Jory, one of the finest pedal steel guitarists in the world.  

Nice to be reminded of some fo the most amazing country music and artists – everything from Glen Campbell to Dolly Parton. Phenomenal music and whilst working alongside seriously great musicians including Andy Pask on Bass, James Pusey and Pete Callard on guitar and Andy McGlasson on Drums – not forgetting Mr Dave Hartley on piano.