Dark Times For Us All

On the 9th March I left for the Czech Republic ready to embark on a 16 date tour of also Poland and France with the Dire Straits Experience. By lunchtime on the 10th it had all been cancelled and our flights home had been booked for the 11th. Whilst frustrating at the time, I am now very grateful for that decision in the light of ever worsening events in the news regards this horrible Corona Virus that has put the world on hold. Needless to say I shan’t be working for a good few months at least.  I hope that this situation will change for the better soon but the realist in me knows not to hold my breath. 

Meanwhile I look in awe at those brave souls working for our essential services here and abroad. Our NHS remains one of the most incredible health care systems in the world and I am so grateful for this. Stay safe everyone.